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Friday, 2 January 2015


What is this rave about Bio Velocity Sleep Mate? 

A few questions first.. 


  • Sleep... AGREE?
  • Stress with overloaded daily routines....AGREE?
  • Needs ample rest and quality sleep.....AGREE?
  • Experiencing health problems.... from the minor problems to the most chronic cases.........AGREE?
  • Waking up feeling weak & lazy to go to work.. AGREE?
  • Always facing and using electronic items in your daily matter where you are.... AGREE?

Almost everybody....(not all)..
  • Lacks of sleep / Insomnia
  • Hates taking medications/drugs when sick
  • Emotional rollercoaster (depression, anxiety, temperamental, stress)
  • Comes to work with a long face, drags himself/herself to work and wishing the weekday never comes.. no interest to concentrate at work. 
  • Suffering from major illnesses (Stroke, S.L.E., Arthritis, Rheumatism and many more)
These are some of the many "DISEASES" that we are having but we choose to ignore! Don't bother about it.. cos not to worry, if we get sick, there's the hospital what! But the problem does not end there.. yes we all can say, ini semua kehendakNya.. Kalau nak sakit, sakit lah.. Abih tak tau nak usaha??!! As what they all say, when your shit wanna come out from ur arse, den you wanna find toilet??!! ..English translation of "Bila taik dah nak kluar dari j***, baru nak cari tandas??!!"

Come on everybody, besides expensive hospital consultations, drugs and modern science, make some effort to seek alternative medication.. 

If you can spend thousands of dollars over hospital bills, specialist consultations and treatments, spa treatments, holidays, branded goods..why not invest on something that can help you get better, feel better and stay healthy in the comfort of your own bed or give it as a gift for your loved ones. They will definitely appreciate the gift alot...I can guarantee it!

Scroll down..

BV Sleep Mate
You can easily regain your balance and health with the healing power of BV Sleep Mate. This mattress cover is specially tailored to your individual needs. The BV Sleep Mate helps to correct disharmonic vibration frequencies, counter and negate this pathology wave whilst amplifying the positive physiological waves which build up a healthy aura in our body. By influencing the energy flow, we remind the body of its natural state of health. A harmonious flow of life energy throughout the body is expressed physically in balanced cellular and biochemical activity and increases the overall activity of body and mind. When you wake up, you feel invigorated and energetic. For long term usage, it is beneficial to our body in terms of maintaining our health, enhancing our immunity and the quality of life.

 Benefits :

1. Enhances metabolism
2. Activates the cells function
3. Promotes blood circulation
4. Enhances body resistance and improves immune system
5. Increases the energy level
6. Stabilizes emotional, relieves stress and pressure
7. Reenergizes, repairs and rejuvenates cells
8. Increases vitality
9. Enhances natural healing ability
10. Balances and harmonizes the physical functions
11. Relieves fatigue and pain
12. Stimulates and regulates the autonomic nervous system
13. Promotes heart function
14. Promotes a healthy and quality sleep

Boring... so much to read?

Anyways, those are just the necessary information that you should take note and ponder about it. It is very important to know the benefits and what can the product can do for you before you can judge it for yourself! Is BVSM really THAT GOOD? Does it REALLY WORK? Is it Expensive?(THE HIGHLY RATED FAQ)

So let's check out the testimonials.

BVSM Testimony: Spinal Cord Injury due to Tibi Virus

The story of Steven Yoong had touched many during the Bio Velocity Day at Wisma MCA last Sunday, 29 September 2013. From the age of 1, he had experienced some swelling around the hand and body area. Upon checking with the doctors in Ipoh, he was being dismissed stating that it was nothing serious. However, when he was 3 years old, he had experienced non-stop coughing for 3 months. When referred to the hospital, again he was being dismissed stating that it was nothing serious.

His worried father got even more concern when he saw his son trying to support his neck while watching the TV. The concern got worse when one day Steven could not walk properly. Steven were then rushed to the hospital where the doctors diagnosed him with Tuberculosis Disease (Tibi). Apparently, the virus had attacked few segments of his backbone, around the neck area, and it had stunted the growth of the bones.

He was warded for 3 days to undergo a minor operation to fix 8 screws to his head in order to hold it in an upright position. However, his condition did not get any better after the operation. A CT scan showed that one of the screws had actually penetrated into his skull and that had caused a permanent damage to a part of his brain and nerves. The doctors had declared that there was nothing else that they can do to cure Steven and had declared his as an OKU.

Steven laid in the hospital bed for 4 months before he was being introduced to BVSM in December 2013. With God's willing, he had shown a positive reaction after the 3rd of using BVSM. He managed to kicked a ball during a physio session. After 3 weeks sleeping with BVSM, Steven can stand with support! And he was discharged after the 5th week!

Now Steven has started schooling and was seen running and jumping like a normal 4 years old...

Sorry, text on pics are in Malay.. but pictures are multilingual in many ways.

Testimonial 2: Insomnia & Stress

Madam Jamilah Binti Mohd Din, a school teacher has been suffering with stress and lack of sleep aka Insomnia for 3 years after her loss of her husband. 

Once, she took the car and drove without full conscience until she reached Terengganu and have to be brought home by the authorities when they were making rounds. 

On the first night of BVSM therapy, she had her first good night sleep and now she is more happy.

|Testimonial 3: Minor Stroke (Half body)

Hj. Jamsari Moktar suffered a minor stroke. After sleeping with BVSM and physiotherapy, he gets to walk again without any aid after 3 WEEKS!

Alhamdullillah, now he can do regular duties all over again with a better health and more energy.

Still not convinced... ok! I'm not worried nor am I fretting.. Here's a deal..

Why not try it to believe it??

 A 10 - 30 mins trial demonstration at the comfort of your own home or anywhere u feel comfortable and safe. Get your family and friends together and all can give it a try. Happy.. Happy..

No obligations! No fees!


Lynn Hamzah
+65 92976709


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