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Natural and Organic Lifestyle

Tuesday, 29 July 2014



Hi uolls! Selamat Lebaran to all Muslim brothers and sisters. Sorry for 2 weeks of MIA due to busy baking orders and working. Super duper tiredness but it was worth it. 

How are uolls, my fellow followers? I do hope all is well. Today, we are going to talk about defying beauty. I'm sure all of you ladies, must have some way or another try some beauty products to maintain or defy aging. As we live in a tropical country like Singapore, we tend to age faster without any careful maintenance. 1. The sun and UV age us with hypopigmentation and bad sun exposure. 
2. The stressful daily life chasing errands, workload and etc makes our age lines more prominent. 

Welcome to Singapore, BIO-EVER NANO Cream. Here's a fast and simple solution to all beauty problems of yours, my dear ladies. Also well known as 'Susuk Moden' or in English 'Modern Implant'. But this amazing product can also do magic for other purposes. POWER!!! 

Gylcine Soja (soybean) contained in Bio~Ever Nano Cream is rich in natural substances similar to estrogens and has a variety of natural anti-ageing properties to prevent ageing effectively. Besides, Diosgenin (phytosterol) can be converted to essential hormones such as progesterone, testosterone and cortisol which regulate biological systems including metabolism, nervous system as well as delaying organ ageing and maintain physiological functions. Tannins and biological substances contained in Dioscorea Villosa help to nourish thyroid gland, adrenal glands, ovaries and testes to maintain regular functions of hormonal systems. As a result, we stay healthy and energetic.

Rapid absorption means endocrine glands require more hormones. It needs 2-3 minutes to be absorbed after menstruation till 7 days before the next menstruation. Thereafter, it can be absorbed within 15 seconds.

Would our body rely on Bio~Ever Nano Cream after using it?
No. Bio~Ever Nano Cream maintains health and youthfulness by supplementing glands and organs with adequate hormones without replacing the functions of endocrine secretion. Therefore our body would not rely on Bio~Ever Nano Cream. 

Can I use Bio~Ever Nano Cream during menstruation?
Yes. You may continue to use it during menstruation although discomfort persists. Bio~Ever Nano Cream is also suitable for menopausal women.

Would Bio~Ever Nano Cream cause early or delayed menstruation?
Hormonal fluctuation is slightly different for each individual, and natural progesterone supplies hormones according to physiology conditions, therefore menstrual date may not regularize in the early adjustment period. It will be back to normal after a period of time. 

Is Bio~Ever Nano Cream suitable for breast-feeding women?
It is not recommended for breast-feeding women to apply Bio~Ever Nano Cream because the Discorea Villosa essence will be absorbed by infant through breast-feeding. This will cause indigestion in the digestive system of an infant.

Symptoms such as itching, swelling, pain, fart and blisters after using Bio~Ever Nano Cream are signs of allergy or side effects?
Discomfort after using Bio~Ever Nano Cream are neither allergy nor side effects. It indicates that our body is undergoing detoxification and regulation. Please continue using the product and those discomfort will disappear after this initial period. (about 7 days – 30 days depends on individual) 

Is Bio~Ever Nano Cream suitable for men?
Yes. The wild yam (Dioscorea Villosa) in Bio~Ever Nano Cream is a precious herb suitable for both men and women, which can be converted to testosterone in male. Besides, it nourishes thyroid gland, adrenal glands and testes as well as further improves physiological functions to strengthen male physically. 

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