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Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Goooood Noon everyone, Assalamualaikum

Awaiting for the lunch hour? For those fasting, blanking out what to do during your lunch hour...Here are some healthy tips for the working Muslim soul during Ramadan from which I have found online (www.

  • How do I stay focused at work while I am fasting?

Obviously, you can’t have your usual cup of coffee in the morning, or drink of water to keep you hydrated, so what do you do?
Research shows that concentration lasts for about 40-50 minutes and after that a short break is required. If you feel your energy is flagging then try going to the bathroom and washing your face. During the lunch hour, take a short walk outside and raise your oxygen levels. If you are able to, briefly walk around the office every hour for a few minutes. Try and make sure that you are in a space where there is good ventilation so that you have maximum oxygen within your body. Be mindful of why you are fasting, be in the moment now and your focus will increase.

  • Dealing with having to work in Ramadan

If you have Muslim colleagues at your workplace try and meet up with them during lunch or use the time to get away from your workplace where others may be eating. Maximise the time spent travelling to work and increase worship or prepare yourself for the day ahead. A lot of this is to do with mindset and if one approaches Ramadan with a positive attitude one will be able to both work effectively and enjoy Ramadan.

  • What to do at lunch time?
See if you can negotiate a shorter lunch hour, perhaps 30 minutes instead of the usual 1 hour. Plan what you will do with your time. Some of it will be spent praying, the rest of the time can either be spent in further worship e.g. reading Qur’an. If you need to and you can, try taking a rest. See if you can find a quiet space in which to close your eyes for a few minutes and take a power nap
  • Flagging energy mid afternoon.
The late afternoon is always the hardest part of the fast. This is when the rumbles of the stomach become more persistent, nerves start to wear and time slows. A short nap or a short walk can help boost energy levels. The key is also to plan the tasks that you enjoy the most around this time so you have something that will keep you occupied and take your mind off fasting.

Check out more information for the Working Muslim

There are more fruitful information on the link above. Go check it out. Have a great lunch hour, my fellow Muslim brothers and sisters.

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