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Natural and Organic Lifestyle

Wednesday, 9 July 2014

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Let's welcome our first natural product, Marine Essence Beauty Bar. What is so good about this bar? How did I find out about this wonderful soap bar?

This was the first product that was introduced to me from the many other products from Hai O Marketing.
It is the best ever product. Why? It is because it has solved all my eczema problems!!! I have this chronic skin eczema around my hands (which I use 'em on every sec of the day of my entire life).. I'm super allergic to handling raw food like chicken, prawns and etc. My hands will just go crazy itchy and little bubbles will form under my epidermal skin. What do I do when I see those bubbles...well, what do you do with bubbles, burst them right. Well, that was not a wise thing to do tho'. So I decided to seek medical attention for them. All dermatologists told me that I will have to live with this condition either by using rubber gloves whilst handling food or suffer with it. Darn it! All they give me is antihistamines and steroid creams and I know what steroid creams does to skin. To use expensive bodywash was killing my pockets since I'm only a canteen aunty (a cool one ok..) plus my eczema has been inherited by my lovely lil princess. So she suffers eczema too.. a dynamic duo!

So cut the story short, I was introduced by my far distant ex schoolmate that she wants to introduce me to her sister about this 'sabun' (soap in malay in case u dunno.. hehhe) . Since I was into entrepeneuring new products for my online business, I said why not.. let's hear her out!

We met, and boy did we clicked like fireworks lah! Cham dah kenal lama gitu kan.. (sorry for the malay slang). She was like this heavily preggo hot babe walking almost like a duck (babe, jgn marah eh,... but I still love you! :) ), and we met with 2 other hot mamas.

I brought back 1 soap to try it out. First thing I love was the smell... nice and fresh! So I like religiously use it (no offence on the religious word..) every single moment I can get my hands to be washed over and over. In less than a week,  my eczema was gone.. My hands were smooth back again!!! BOOYAA!! Alhamdullillah.. I was super happy so was my dotta, I made sure she use it on every bath. She doesn't complain of itchy back at night when she wants to go to bed.

 My hands.

Marine Essence Beauty Bar is specially formulated to nourish, moisturise and rejuvenate skin. It is luxuriously blended and enriched with antioxidants and natural oils to deliver the best benefits for your skin.
Marine Essence Beauty Bar pampers your skin instantly and leaves it tenderly soft, amazingly hydrated and unbelievably silky smooth to the touch.
Inspired by the organic form of a seashell, its captivating scent so divine that you will be enticed to use Marine Essence Beauty Bar everyday!

For those interested, please whatsapp me at 92976709

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